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Inoue Etsuko Cultural College
174-0043 Meiho Building 4F
2-33-12 Sakashita Itabashi-ku Tokyo Japan

Tel/Fax 03-3965-4731

E-Mail: ieculcol@tkh.att.ne.jp

Web Pages
(Japanese): http://www.ie-culcol.com
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Free Trial & Special Class  Recent trial lessons' information


Foreign Language

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Brush writing

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Brush Writing For Disabled People

Personal Computer

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Personal Computer Special Class

We occasionally hold a special short term class 
about Computer operating.  
You can learn how to make a HTML mail 
by putting a BGM or pictures. 
You can also learn the basic knowledge
 about how to make web pages. 
Let's enjoy your computer life !


Flower Design

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Flower Design

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Pressed Flower Arrangement

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Japanese Flower Arrangement
Ikebana Ikenobo


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 Aroma Therapy

How to enroll in our school

Please come over to our school and follow the necessary procedures 
with the enrollment fee of 8,000 JY  and the application form.
After confirming the detail of our rules from another paper, we wish you to enroll in your favorite class.

Free Trial lessons and Special classes

We have some special intensive classes to make one craft work 
or to teach some subjects deeply. 
We also give some free trial lessons to introduce a new class. 

Special Event

We always display the students' works or pictures on the gallery 
in the school. And we have some special events.

School Trip 
to Foreign Countries

The report of the NYC & NJ trip 2000
This page has a tour report with many photographs. 
We had a very enjoyable tour 
to New York City and New Jersey 
last November.

The notice of the tour to NY and Pocono 
with homestay 2001

This page has the details of the 2001 New York and Pocono Tour.
In this tour you stay in a good family's home in Pocono, Pennsylvania.
You can see the very beautiful autumn leaves.  

The notice of the tour to NY & NJ 2001 
This page has the details of the 2001 New York and New Jersey tour. In this tour you can enjoy the Halloween Parade in Manhattan. You stay for 3 nights in Manhattan and other 3 nights in Jersey City.

Supporting for the study abroad

We introduce the host families or support you to study English in the US, England or Canada.
Please feel free to ask us about the short term home stay for  mature people. 

Dispatching Instructors
Taking orders of the handicraft works

We can dispatch our instructors to companies and private circles or a very skillful magician can perform in the various events. 
We also take orders of hand knitting, sewing, reforming works.

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